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Jürgen Hoffmann, Rosi Hoffmann
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Pegasus Transport GmbH
Altes Stadion 34
D-41516 Grevenbroich

Mobil +49 (0)171-3100948

E-Mail: info@pegasus-transport.com
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Pegasus Transport GmbH. Your global partner for international horse transportation. If you desire we handle every aspect of your transportation needs, from the departure barn to the final destination facility.

We work only with selected and approved shipping companies, Quarantine stations and well trained personnel. Our office near Chicago additionally supports the coordination in the US and Canada.

Our Service
  • Export
  • Import
  • Creation of required Health Certificates
  • Transportation to airport in comfortable and modern trailers
  • Handling of all Customs Export declarations and formalities
  • Air Transportation globally
  • Trained flight personnel
  • Handling of Customs Import documentation
  • Application of all required Import/Export approvals
  • Application of Customs Duty Exemption certificates
  • Handling of complete customs procedures
  • Veterinary exams at destination airport
  • Transportation to final facility
  • Road transportation within Germany and Europe

A Pegasus staff member handles all formalities, monitors the loading of the horses and takes care of them the hole time of the transport process. rechte-spalte-trennlinie.gif, 0 kB
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Pegasus Transport GmbH is official

Member of the Animal Air Transport Association AATA.
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