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About us
Pegasus Transport GmbH. Your global partner for international horse transportation. If you desire we handle every aspect of your transportation needs, from the departure barn to the final destination facility.

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The Process
Example: Transport from Germany to the US. After receiving your order we start preparing the transport (to show the procedure we use a horse transport from Europe to the US as an example)
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Welcome on the Pegasus Transport GmbH website.
Are you planning a horse transport and need help? We are your most competent and reliable partner. For more than 15 years now Pegasus Horse Transport GmbH (LLC) has shipped horses by air world wide. Take advantage of our extensive experience and unmatched service to handle your international horse transportation needs.

We are official member of the Animal Air Transport Association AATA.
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Look here!
In our gallery you will find interesting snapshots.
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start-kontakt.jpg, 2 kB You have some questions about our services? Here you are right.
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