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Pegasus Transport GmbH
Altes Stadion 34
D-41516 Grevenbroich

Mobil +49 (0)171-3100948

E-Mail: info@pegasus-transport.com
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Our service
  • Export
  • Import
  • Creation of required Health Certificates
  • Transportation to airport in comfortable and modern trailers
  • Handling of all Customs Export declarations and formalities
  • Air Transportation globally
  • Trained flight personnel
  • Handling of Customs Import documentation
  • Application of all required Import/Export approvals
  • Application of Customs Duty Exemption certificates
  • Handling of complete customs procedures
  • Veterinary exams at destination airport
  • Transportation to final facility
  • Road transportation within Germany and Europe
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Example: Transport from Germany to the US. After receiving your order we start preparing the transport (to show the procedure we use a horse transport from Europe to the US as an example)

1. Create all required freight papers, customs documents, health and other certificates. Apply for export licenses and customs duty exemption permission.

2. Organize of land transportation from departure barn to airport, book flight container with selected airline, and apply for quarantine in the US.

2. We partner only with major airlines like Lufthansa, KLM, Air Canada Air France and Cargolux. Your horses fly with the most modern airplanes available today. During the flight professionally trained personnel takes care of your horses.

4. 1. At arrival in the US the horses go into the airport quarantine station and a government veterinarian checks the health certificates and draws blood samples from the horses. These are checked for specific diseases. The results are usually available within 48 hours. For stallions and mares older than 2 years an additional CEM quarantine is required.

5. After the quarantine ended the horses are then transported to their final destination through one of our approved local/regional horse transportation companies. This way it is guaranteed that the horses are well taken care off until they reach their final destination.

Pegasus Transport is official

Member of the Animal Air Transportation Association AATA.
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